Help with Advanced Searching


How do I search for the capital value of a property?

Type in the address details, including the number of the property, or type in the Land & Property Services property reference number. Then click on search.

Can I search for a property or street if I donít have the full address or a property reference number?

Yes. You can search for a property or a street even if you donít have all the address details or the property reference number. Type in as much of the detail as you have, leaving the other boxes blank. Then click on search. This will bring you to different options depending on how much information you have entered. For example:

  • entering a street name and a town will bring you to a list of even and odd house numbers in that street;

  • entering a street name only will bring you to a list of all streets by that name, listed in council districts;

  • entering the name of a town will bring you to a list of all streets in the town; or

  • entering a council district will bring you to a list of all streets in that council district.

You can then search all of these options further.


Postcode: BT33 0SB
Result: Properties in Church Close

Street: Orangefield Park
Council District: Belfast City Council
Result: Properties in Orangefield Park, Belfast

Street: Abbeyfield Park
Address No: 3
Result: Property details for 3 Abbeyfield Park

LPS Property Reference: 1234567
Result: Property details for 25 Letsby Avenue